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UnicHost Cloud Hosting will improve reliability and performance of your website, applications. UnicHost will provide you the cloud storage or cloud server with 100% guaranteed Server and Network Uptime. Cloud is one of the most viable alternative for businesses searching for more affordable server and storage solutions.

Cloud hosting is the most economy solution for all size of businesses. The real advantage of Cloud powered by VMware and Applogic platform is, it won't compromise in security, server performance, hardware redundancy, network availability.

Some of the major advantages of Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is scalable and flexible

Easily add or remove resources on the server as per the need arises. So, physically there is no need to add any additional hardware equipment. What does it mean to you as a client? No more accidental outages, no additional cost, tons of savings. Pay as you go becomes real once you enter in to the cloud environment.

Cloud server is efficient and cost effective

Cloud servers are deployed efficiently minimizing your server setup time. With Cloud computing it's possible to achive high performance at the same time saving on investments in manpower and training. You focus on your business objectives, rest is taken care by our technical experts.

Cloud storage is highly reliable and highly availible

No more performance issues, with built-in redundancy. Large number of servers are deployed in cloud environment. 101% availability and reliability is guaranteed with total fault-tolerance. UnicHost's cloud has reduced database and application loads drastically improving server and network performance.

Why UnicHost Cloud ?
  1. UnicHost's Cloud server hosting allows client's to build their own custom application infrastructure and have full control of the resources in use as if they are in their own Data Center.
  2. UnicHost has partnered with the leader in virtualization, VMware as well as Applogic, cloud computing software vendor to deliver the best solutions to the service provider like us.
  3. Make your application configuration, deployment and synchronization of systems easy and reliable by using the UnicHost cloud server hosting platform. We provide you the total access to the UnicHost Cloud infrastructure.
  4. Reduce any risk factor that may cause major data loss – all storage are mirrored across multiple servers and server clusters. Self recoverable virtual machines are setup within a specific grid, so in any case, of any server failure, there isn't any risk involved. Automatic volume repair and controller restart ensures that there is no interruption in the services. You are in safe hands!
  5. For mission critical services, financial institutions, banking sectors, application and database mirroring along with high-availability are easily achieved by providing two identical instances of the application or database in the same grid or at various data centers.
Is there anything left? Just let us know and we shall be happy to discuss it with you!

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