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cPanel Hosting on Linux Shared Servers offered at Unichost is very Stable and Secure. To cater the different needs of our clients we have provided pre-customized shared hosting packages at very cheap price with the invaluable after sales service. If you need higher end customized hosting package let us know, we will be glad to assist you further!

Data TransferHow much of bandwidth do I need?

Bandwidth requirement for website

Bandwidth will be renewed on every month. From cpanel hosting control panel you can check the bandwidth usage.
10 GB20 GB 50 GB 70 GB100 GB
Web Spacetotal disk space


Web space is the amount of actual disk space allocated to your cpanel hosting account, including website pages, email, database etc. Budget/Start plans are for simple basic website hosting. For high traffic, professional ecommerce website, database driven website, you must consider a higher level - professional hosting or enterprise hosting plan.
1000 MB2000 MB3000 MB 4000 MB5000 MB
Primary DomainsHow many primary domains I can host?

Primary Domains under one cPanel Account

Total number of primary domains you can host under one cPanel Hosting account. From cpanel hosting control panel you can host multiple domains under one account as per mentioned in the plan.
Total WebsitesHow many websites I can host under one cpanel account?

Websites Under one cPanel Account

Total number of websites you can host under one cPanel Hosting account. From cpanel hosting control panel you can host multiple websites with the help of addon domains, subdomains.
Monthly PriceFree cPanel setup and instant account activation

Monthly Pricing

With some cPanel hosting plans, you can pay monthly as well. Select the monthly option at the time of checkout. You will surely get discount on annual billing cycle. No additional charges, no hidden charges, the price you see is the TOTAL price you will pay.
Setup ChargesFree setup and instant account activation

cPanel Account Setup

cPanel Account setup will be instant and there won't be any additional charges to setup your account on server.
MySQL (5.0.45) Need more info on this?

Unlimited MySQL Database

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database engine designed to offer fast access to stored /dynamic data. Many discussion boards, CMS and other database driven programs requires MySQL to run. Some Unichost packages allows you to create unlimited databases as long as there is enough Disk-Space available in your account.
PhpMyAdmin Need more info on this?


PhpMyAdmin access is available through the cPanel control panel. You can manage databases as well as the tables and user permissions, passwords directly from PhpMyAdmin.
Unlimited Email Accounts Need more info on this?

Email Accounts

Number of Email accounts you get with the hosting account depends on the hosting package you choose. Can be easily controlled from cpanel hosting panel.
POP3 SMTP IMAP Need more info on this?

Unlimited POP3 Accounts

POP accounts are used to send and receive emails through programs installed on your PC such as Outlook Express, MS Outlook or Eudora.

SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SMTP is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks. We allow /authenticate you to use our servers to send outgoing mail.

IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol

IMAP is a protocol for retrieving email messages and working with mailboxes on a mail server using an email client. We support Internet Message Access Protocol. "IMAP permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local.
WebMail Interface Need more info on this?

Web based email access

You would be able to access and manage all your mails right from internet explorer or any other broweser, through a web based mail application. You have 3 different flavours to chose from - Squirrel Mail, Horde and RoundCube.
Auto responders Need more info on this?

Unlimited Auto Responders

Setup your email addresses in a way that it replies back with pre-configured message by you to all incoming mails automatically. You can also setup and customized various templates for different mailboxes or email addresses.
Mailing List Need more info on this?

Unlimited Mailing List

Want to create a group of people you regularly send mail? Add them to a mailing list so you can email them faster and easier.
Mail Forwarders Need more info on this?

Unlimited Mail Forwarders

All incoming mails to a particular email address will be forwarded to a particular email address. OR Can be forwarded to any number of email addresses as configured.
Spam Filters Need more info on this?

SpamAssasin AntiSpam

Spam Assasin allows you to filter or block almost all the spams from reaching your mail box. It will be enabled by default for all hosting accounts created on server.
Block an Email ID Need more info on this?

Block an Email ID

Block any email address from which you do not wish to receive any emails. Contol who can send you email, good for stopping spammers bugging you.
Parked /Addon DomainsNeed more info on parked/ addon domains?

Parked Domains and Addon Domains

As the name suggests, you can park another domain on top of primary domain. Addon Domains will not be functional unless the domain name is registered with a domain registrar and configured to point to our DNS servers. Find more details in cPanel control panel.
Sub-DomainsNeed more info on subdomains?


Get the most out of your domain name by hosting other sites on different sub-domains [called 'host records']. For example, you can have www.mainwebsite.com as your main site, and have a different site at blog.mainwebsite.com You can host unlimited sub-domains depending on the web space you have.
Domain Registrationdomain registration

Domain Hosting

Call it a "dot-com name," a URL, or a domain. It's the cornerstone of your online presence, and we made the process simpler for you. Simply enter the name you want in the domain search field and we'll tell you instantly whether the domain name is available. By paying a small amount, renewable every year, domain name will be yours.

Domain registration charges: Rs.395.00/ USD 7.95 per year

These are the pricing for almost all the TLDs (domain extensions). Though there are some exceptions - like .in / .bz / .us etc. Get in touch with sales for deatiled pricing for the TLD you are looking for.
cPanelNeed more info on this?


cPanel is the name of the control panel. cPanel hosting control panel is known for its user friendly interface, which is rated as the best hosting control panel in the web hosting industry. With the help of cPanel hosting control panel you will be able to manage all aspects of your linux cpanel hosting account. It's very easy to use. You don't need administrator or technical skills to take control of your linux hosting account. cPanel hosting panel allows you to setup, configure, manage email accounts, ftp accounts and various other applications and tasks. Web Hosting with cPanel provides security, ease of use, and flexibility for everyone from the server administrator to the email account user.
FantasticoNeed more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with Fantastico DeLuxe

Fantastico De Luxe is the leading autoinstaller for cPanel hosting servers. CPANEL + Fantastico will allow you to install more than 50 scripts in couple of clicks. Login to the CPANEL HOSTING CONTROL PANEL click fantastico, and then click one of the 50+ scripts to be installed such as - Blogs, Portals/CMS, Customer Support, desks, forums, shopping carts, Image Galleries, Mailing Lists and much more...


• b2evolution • Nucleus • WordPress

Portals /CMS

• Drupal • Geeklog • Joomla! • Mambo • PHP-Nuke • phpWCMS
• phpWebSite • Post-Nuke • Siteframe • Typo3 • Xoops

Customer Support

• Crafty Syntax Live Help • Help Center Live • osTicket • PerlDesk
• PHP Support Tickets • Support Logic Helpdesk
• Support Services Manager

Discussion Boards

• Invision Board • phpBB • SMF


• CubeCart • OSCommerce • Zen Cart



Hosting Billing

• AccountLab Plus • phpCOIN

Image Galleries

• 4images Gallery • Coppermine Photo Gallery • Gallery

Polls and Surveys

• Advanced Poll • phpESP • LimeSurvey

Project Management

• PHProjekt • dotProject

Site Builders

• Soholaunch Pro Edition • Templates Express


• PhpWiki • TikiWiki CMS/Groupware

Other Scripts

• PHPlist • Dew-NewPHPLinks • Moodle • Noahs Classifieds
• Open-Realty • phpAdsNew • PHPauction • phpFormGenerator
• WebCalendar
FTP ManagerNeed more info on this?


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Having multiple FTP accounts will allow you to give friends and employees their own FTP account with predefined permissions. This will allow you to give them as little or as much access to your website /online folders as you choose.
File ManagerNeed more info on this?

CPANEL + File Manger

With the help of file manager, built in funtion of cPanel hosting panel, you will be able to upload/download files to or from your website. You can also create and delete folders or files online. Ideal for editing your website from anywhere without an FTP client. Not suggested to use it regularly, it is better to use ftp client instead.
Website StatsNeed more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with AWSTATS - See your traffic coming from!

AWStats is a powerful and featureful tool provided in cPanel hosting control panel that provides you the graphical representation of advanced cpanel web server, streaming server, ftp server or mail server statistics, bandwidth usage, errors, and much more. Traffic drivers - may it be search engines, banner ads, referrals, you will be able to get the most accurate Unique Visitors and Click Paths information in the industry.
Custom Error Pages Need more info on this?

Custom Error Pages

You can redesign, customized error pages, so when a user types in the wrong URL, you can have nice looking error pages instead of plain old ones - such as: 400 Bad request, 401 Authorization Required, 403 Forbidden, 404 Wrong page, 500 Internal Server Error and so on...
RVSkin Need more info on this?


RVSkin is an awesome skin for cPanel hosting control panel. It has multi languages hosting panel support
PHP4 /PHP5 Need more info on this?


No compatibility issues. Choose the version as required by your php script.
Perl 5.8.7 Need more info on this?


Server Side Includes (SSI) Need more info on this?

CPANEL Server Side Includes (SSI)

Zend Optimizer 3.0.1 Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING + Zend Optimizer

Ruby on Rails What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Applications are based on the Rails framework. Rails applications must be run like any other application. After creating an application, you will need to populate it with your code. Then, from cpanel hosting control panel you can choose to start or stop the application and even to load the application every time the server reboots.
Curl What is Curl?


Curl is a command line tool for transferring files with url syntax.
GD Library What is GD Library?


GD is an ANSI library dynamic creation of images. GD creates PNG and JPEG images, among other formats. The latest GD version will be installed by default.
ImageMagick What is ImageMagick?

Image Magick

ImageMagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many formats. You will get the latest version.
CGI Scripting What is CGI?

CPANEL + CGI Scripts

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI script is a program intended to be run on the web. A CGI program can be written in any programming language, but Perl is one of the most popular. On our servers you will get a cgi-bin directory that your scripts should normally be uploaded to, however your CGI scripts will work both inside and outside of this directory.
Password Protected Folders Need more info on this?

Password Protected Directories

This allows you to protect online folder/directory with a password and if anybody want to view its contents needs to enter a password.
Shared SSL Need more info on this?

Shared SSL Certificate

We will provide your website with a self assigned, server generated shared SSL. This will encrypt all the confidential data. Either a shared SSL or a private SSL is required to secure an online transaction.
Dedicated SSL Need more info on this?

Dedicated SSL Hosting

Dedicated IP Need more info on this?

Dedicated IP Hosting

Windows Media Compatible Need more info on this?

Windows Media Compatible Hosting

This is the basic compatibility to run online media. If you are looking for streaming server, please contact us for proper solution.
Flash Need more info on this?


Shockwave Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with Shockwave

Real A/V Compatible Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING - Real A/V Compatible

Easy Billing Management Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with Easy Billing Management

Various Payment Options Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with various Payment Methods

Online Invoice Statements Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with Online Invoice Statements

24x7 Ticket Support Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with 24x7 Ticket Support

24x7 Chat Support Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with 24x7 Chat Support

24x7 Phone Support Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with 24x7 Phone Support

30 Day Money Back Need more info on this?

CPANEL HOSTING with Money Back Guarantee!

Why are we offering this?
Because we want you to try it. We're so confident that you will see outstanding results within 30 days that you will come back and stay with us forever. If our services did not exceed your expectations, you can claim to receive a full refund within first 16 days. Domain charges are not included in this. For more details please read our Terms of Services (TOS) money back guarantee section.
Instant Account Activation

Instant Account Activation

cPanel Hosting Account activation will be instant after the payment verification, which will take around 2-4 hours max, depending on the payment method. After the hosting account activation, an email notification will be sent to your registered email address with the login details.
No Contracts!

No Monthly Contracts

We have no contracts and no hidden fees! You are free to cancel your web hosting account at any time without cancellation fees.
Quick Support Response

Quick Support Response

Guaranteed ticket response within 2 hours.
99.95% Uptime

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Please refer the uptime sla section of the terms of services for more details.
Price Freeze Need more info on this?

Price Freeze

The price will never increase as long as you keep hosted with us.
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Common Features Included
with each Hosting Plan

24x7 Technical Support
Instant Account Activation
Moneyback Gurantee
Free Website Builder
FREE WebSite Transfer
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
FREE Setup
No Contracts/Hidden Fees
Various Payment Options
RealTime Domain Registration
Intel Quad Core Xeon Servers
Capacity of 32GB RAM and...
RAID-Protected 10K RPM HDDs

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